Beer is as complex as it is simple; and just when you think it’s gonna zig it ZAGS! So let us help you answer some of the questions that have you wondering about our fermented friends. (And if we haven’t answered your question, don’t hesitate to reach out to Joan at She’ll post your answers here on the blog!)

Q: I bought some beer from a local Wilmington brewery, but I’m not going straight back to the hotel/Air BnB. Can I leave it in the car? For how long?

A: We consulted an Advanced Cicerone on this one and he gave us the 411. The maximum amount of time in the fridge is ideal, but most brews aren’t going to be affected by a little time in the car. Try to keep it to less than 4 or so hours in a non-temperature controlled environment, but really as long as it’s less than 12 hours, you’re fine. And as far as the drive home goes? Six hours in the car won’t affect the flavor. If you’ve got an overnight somewhere on the way home, make sure to bring your new brews inside with you (extreme heat or cold might not be so kind), but as long as you keep the beer in the temperature controlled part of the car for extended periods of time, you’ll be great.

So when you’re on your next Port City Brew Bus Tour, don’t be afraid to pick up that four pack!