Now that the sunshine is back and the door has closed on winter, it’s time to give your company a morale boost! Corporate retreats can come in all shapes & sizes…and even with cold, fresh, Wilmington beer!

While the introduction of alcohol while team building may raise some eyebrows (we’ve all been to THAT company holiday party) we can assure you that our team will provide a stress-free environment for you and YOUR team to blow off some steam. Alcohol is one of society’s finest lubricants, after all.

The Port City Brew Bus offers a variety of options for you and your company to spend an afternoon or evening improving your company culture.

Our highly skilled staff will guide you through tastings and tours of Wilmington breweries–either of your choosing, or we can plan it for you! From downtown to the beach and everything in between, we can help you and your team unwind as you sip your way through the Port City.

A few details to consider when planning your Port City Brew Bus Tour:

-Budget: How many breweries are you planning on going to? Are you planning on feeding the crew at some point? Let us know how we can optimize your experience with us.

-Purpose & Goals: Is this a fun afternoon “thank you” for your team or are there more concrete goals of team building? Do you need help making it one thing or the other?

-Where would you like to go? If we don’t end up planning your route for you, there are different ways of going about selecting the Wilmington breweries you visit. You can have all of your team members toss their suggestion into a hat and draw them randomly, or figure out a way to incentivize them to helping influence which pre-planned tour you go on.

No matter what, the Port City Brew Bus Crew is here to create a positive team building experience for you. Reach out and let us know what we can do for you!