With Father’s Day right around the corner, we figured we’d do you guys a flavor and hook it up with $10 off. Use the discount code DADSDAY19 and do what’s best for you and your Dad. And in case you’re on the fence, here are five reasons why a Port City Brew Bus tour is the ULTIMATE Father’s Day gift.

#1 You two haven’t had enough quality time together, and you know what will send dear old–er–young Dad over the moon? If you make the plans. So find the tour you think he’ll like best and get him on the bus. A good way to ensure you don’t get too tipsy is taking the brunch tour. (But if you do want to get a good buzz, you can hit some Wilmington breweries after.)

#2 We make all of the decisions for you–all you have to do is buy the ticket. There won’t be questions about where you go next, or grinning & bearing it when he wants to go to his old standby, Olive Garden. We’ve got you covered. Just buy & fly. (But make sure you Uber, Lyft, or have Mom drop you off at the first spot.)

#3 It’s a great way to show your Pops that he raised you right–you don’t drink & drive. Imagine raising a kid to find out that they frivolously put their life (that YOU gave them) in their own drunk hands by drinking & driving. Disappointing, right? Port City Brew Bus will put your Dad at ease, knowing that you’re doing the right thing & still having fun, which is exactly what he wants.

#4 It’s never too late to have new experiences, so no matter your Dad’s age we know he’s young at heart and the Port City Brew Bus is here for people of all ages*, races, genders, orientations, beer nerderies, and so on & so forth. *As long as they’re at least 21. But, seriously, when was the last time your dad got to go to multiple Wilmington breweries in one day with a tour guide and a DD and everything?! Never!?! He deserves better. Get him on the Brew Bus.

#5 Maybe you have a father figure who isn’t your Dad. Maybe it’s your Mom. Maybe it’s someone completely different. Maybe it’s your best bud who has always been there when you’ve needed them the most. Port City Brew Bus tickets are not only a great way to say “thanks”, but a truly special way to take a load off, let someone else do the decision making, and spend the day drinking delicious Wilmington beer.